CCTV Van Mobile Unit

The preventive effect of our CCTV Video surveillance is indisputable and our Mobile CCTV Units are a cost-effective solution that can be deployed to any location or site throughout the UK. Many potential offenders are discouraged by a clearly visible video system, so illegal activities can often be prevented before they are even committed.

If an incident should take place, however, CCTV systems can be used to provide an accurate reconstruction of the sequence of events and to identify the individuals involved.
The vehicle is fully equipped with fixed and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras, thermal imaging, Control Room, Video Recording Equipment, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Rechargeable Power cells and onboard generator.

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Uses for our Mobile CCTV Unit

• Incident Control Room
• Crime hot spots
• Traveller encampment monitoring
• Squatter/Traveller eviction monitoring
• Protest and demonstration monitoring
• Evidence gathering
• Fly-tipping monitoring

CCTV Surveillance
The vehicle can be hired for surveillance purposes with one or two of our SIA licensed CCTV operatives or used by your own appropriately trained staff.

Mobile CCTV Unit – Vehicle Specifications

• 3 x Fixed Dome Cameras Inc. 10m IR Lighting and Audio
• 1 x Pneumatic Telescopic Mast (10.5 metres)
• 1 x Positioning PTZ Darkfighter Camera Inc. 23x Zoom and 150m IR Lighting
• 1 x Thermal Imaging Camera 23x Zoom and 150m IR Lighting
• 1 x Forward Mounted Camera Inc. 10m IR Lighting and Audio
• 2x Fixed Cameras with the Cab and the Control Room

Control Room
• Single Ruggedized Positioning DVR c/w Solis State Hard Drive
• 1 x PC c/w Wireless Peripherals and 32” Screen
• Incident & Event Software
• Seating for 2 x CCTV/Control Operators
• 2 x 32″ monitors
• 2-Way Radio System
• Microphone, Amplifier and External Horn Speakers
• 4G Wi-Fi Router
• GPS Vehicle tracking

Plant Room
The rear area of the vehicle is where the Bespoke Plant Room is built and separated from both the cab and control room. This is where the Generator will be housed, alongside the Compressor, the Power Cells, control equipment including safety pressure and limit switches. Also, Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detection is installed throughout.