Security Consultancy

At Vistech we are an independent company specialising in security consultancy and the implementation of bespoke security solutions to protect assets and reduce risk. Officers are highly trained, with in-depth skills, perfected and executed on a daily basis in order to secure companies, individuals, properties, buildings, assets and more.

When you come to us to discuss security consultancy we can cover the following:

  • Risk Assessments: This is a comprehensive and in-depth assessment to ensure the provision of the most appropriate measures.
  • Security Audits and Reviews: We will assess security systems to ensure they meet the standards set within the business and adhere to any changes.
  • Construction Project Consultancy: Working with architects and designers we will offer expert advice on security systems ahead of the development.
  • Supplier Management: Advice and documentation is provided alongside full support during the tender process.

In addition to the above we have the expertise to project manage and draft security policies and procedures specific to your niche that will offer staff clear guidelines in relation to expectations.

Serving the UK, The Middle East, China and Africa, our security consultancy services continue to be well-received far and wide. We are known for our dedication, attention to detail and the provision of the very best services. Please contact us today via email or call 08006123280 to discuss your needs.