Protest Security

At Vistech we offer a protest security service conducted by a team of industry professionals with a wide range of dedicated experience. Our service is bespoke and we strive to resolve protests without arrest and with minimal disruption to the local communities.

Our Protest Security Service consists of:

  • Public order trained operatives
  • Arrest and Plastic Restraint qualified officers, used in compliance with UK laws and as a last resort
  • One-to-one with specialist consultants who have years of experience in this field
  • Surveillance and infiltration
  • Close protection operatives

Vistech security officers work both covertly and overtly, with protest resolution at the forefront of strategy, aiming where possible to resolve situations without arrests and disruption.

Get in touch with Vistech Services to obtain a free no obligation quote or discuss your Protest Security needs, call us on 08006123280 or alternatively send us an email to