High Risk Security

If you are travelling through areas that may pose multiple threats, then it is essential that both you and your belongings are kept safe and secure, allowing you to concentrate on your own trip and it’s priorities. Vistech high risk security guards and operatives are constantly training for and have trained for all manner of complex situations, which are often only found in high risk, unstable areas.

Threats to a group or individual may include:

  • Medical Risks
  • Political Risks
  • Political Unrest
  • Terrorist Threat

Vistech are experts in deploying brilliant security teams to operate in these unique areas, our speciality lies in matching the unique demands of a high risk security job, to a crack team of operators who have years of experience served with either the MOD, Military or the Police. Having provided asset and personnel protection in some of the world’s most unstable locations,  our teams are ready to deploy worldwide at short notice.

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