Construction Site Turnstile Hire

Construction Site Turnstile Hire. Turnstile gate acccess control for your site is a necessity. If you’re looking for turnstile gate entry, then the Vistech turnstile is essential.

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Our turnstile gate gives you peace of mind that your construction site is protected against theft and intruders while maintaining critical construction site security and monitoring.

We can install biometric fingerprint recognition, keypad or a combination of both to ensure reliable security on your construction site.

Our experience with construction site turnstile gate systems allows us to offer you superior turnstile gate packages with many benefits giving construction project managers and site managers complete control to monitor live or when required. Our turnstile will provide reporting required for your project to achieve BREEAM rating. It can also aid cost savings and time sheet verification giving time and attendance of contractors. If investigation is needed attendance proof or non attendance can be backed up with CCTV footage installed at point of entry.

Our turnstiles can incorportate all the below:

  • CSCS Integration
    Easily grab a user’s picture, basic information and CSCS card images
  • Pre-enrolment
    Pre-enrolment allows sites to streamline inductions by spending less time filling out forms.
  • Co2 Reporting
    Co2 reporting for both users and deliveries to site. Pie chart breakdown with extended legend.
  • Localism Reporting
    Local Labour and Local Deliveries reporting. Pie chart breakdown with extended legend.
  • Time & Attendance
    Timesheet with hours worked and days on site. Explore individual users or complete departments.
  • Fire Roll Call
    Two click Fire Roll Call reporting with the option to print or export into HTML or CSV format.
  • Strike System
    The strike system allows sites to issue Yellow and Red cards for warnings and removal from site.
  • Filters
    Simple yet powerful filters let you drill on down data and display only what is relevant. Filters can be used to take action against the resulting users.
  • Real Time Events
    Information on user activity such as access granted or denied, barred users and general system information with full event highlighting.
  • Search
    You can search for a user currently displayed in the list (as determined by the current filter) by either first name, surname or both.

Further information for site manager and project managers which will help toward BREEAM

Our software has a vast array of reports available:

  • Co2 for contractors and deliveries (By Contractor and Delivery, by Lifespan and by Postcode Catchment Tier Lifespan)
  • Local Labour and Local Deliveries (2 Tier, 3 Tier and Postcode Catchment Tier reporting)
  • Apprentices and Trainees (Enrolled, on site today and select a month)
  • User Metrics (a comprehensive breakdown including gender, ethnicity, CSCS card type)
  • Image Verification and Drugs and Alcohol Testing.

Further benefits and features of our construction site turnstile:

  • Turnstile gate entry access control, time and attendance
  • Turnstile gate entry for accurate payroll, timesheets and to validate invoices
  • Turnstile gate entry for all site workers and visitors
  • Turnstile gate entry is an intruder deterrent
  • Turnstile gate entry supports health & safety requirements
  • Turnstile gate installation and maintenance
  • Turnstile gate entry reduces site safety risks and meets all safety requirements

Our turnstile gate system is easy to install and simple to use. The innovative biometric fingerprint recognition or keypad turnstile gate kit will provide you with comprehensive access control for your site.

What is a turnstile gate system? It’s a biometric fingerprint recognition access or keypad which includes time and attendance reporting and records deliveries. It can be installed quickly and with no fuss. This high value cost effective turnstile gate solution comes with full training on the system for ease of use.

In addition to our turnstile gate system, we also offer a wide range of site security products and services including:

  • Wireless CCTV Systems
  • CCTV Towers
  • Fixed CCTV Installation
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Fire Evacuation Systems
  • Security Guards
  • Dog Handlers

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