Shopping Centre Security

Our SIA licensed retail Security Officers are trained to provide not only protection of your goods, but to also provide excellent customer service, whilst maintaining a safe environment for your customers and staff.

Our fully trained and proactive retail security officers provide a highly effective deterrent to theft from both customers and staff. All our staff are fully trained in retail-relevant duties, including; Loss prevention, Conflict management, Front of house and reception duties, Interaction with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems, Radio communications, CCTV operations and Accident & Emergency strategies.

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Services we provide:

  • Store Security Officers
  • Store Detectives
  • Bespoke Retail and Loss Prevention training
  • Close working with external agencies
  • Project Griffin / Project Argus
  • Development of policies e.g. knife, lost child, lost item, disability awarenes
  • Search and civil arrest procedures
  • Tenant Management
  • CCTV Public Space Monitoring
  • Tag Checking
  • Entrance Greeting and Information
  • Appointed First Aid Persons
  • Appointed Fire Safety Persons
  • Police Liaison
  • Loss Prevention

We provide retail security and store detectives throughout the UK to; Boutiques, Clothing & Accessory Stores, Showrooms, Galleries, Shopping Centres, Entertainment Complexes, Warehouses, Superstores and Retail Parks.