Mining Industry Security

At Vistech we offer a complete mining industry security service for Mining organisations across the UK. Mines have long being dangerous places for those without sufficient training, and with most mines excavating valuable resources from the ground using high tech and advanced equipment, they have also, unfortunately been targeted by criminals. With most mine sites based in rural areas, criminals will see them as places that carry little risk and good targets for vandalism and theft. At Vistech we strive to help combat any criminal activity that may occur at mining sites. Our team of security professionals have an array of experience in all aspects of security and are dedicated to keeping your premises and property safe.

Some of the security solutions we carry out for the mining industry include:

  • Full site security consultancy
  • Manned security guarding
  • Asset protection and guarding
  • Mobile patrols
  • Remote site monitoring
  • CCTV installation
  • CCTV monitoring and response
  • Contractor body and vehicle searches

If you would like to discuss our mining industry security services with us, call us on 08006123280 or send an email to to receive a free quote or to arrange for us to come to your site where we can conduct a full analysis of your premises and advise you on the best practice for all of your security needs.