Screening & Vetting Services BS7858

The Vistech Services Employment Screening and Vetting Service was founded on many years of experience, having developed, and implemented background checks and security clearance procedures for people working across a wide spectrum of private and public sector organisations and in sensitive and secure roles.

An employee screening programme helps organisations minimise the risk of making inappropriate recruitment decisions, which if unchecked, could lead to fraud, dishonesty or misconduct and cause damage to your business brand, reputation, and financial standing.

Vistech Services Specialise in BS7858 Security Screening. Which is the best practice procedure published by the British Standards Institution. It is the background screening (vetting) of individuals employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, goods and property is a requirement of the employing organisations operations where such security screening is in the public or corporate interest.
The standard includes:

• 5 or 10 Year Written Career History
• Basic Criminality Check (DBS Check)
• Credit Search (Consumer Information Check)
• ID Verification & Right to Work Check
• 5 Year Address Verification.

BS7858 is more comprehensive that other UK standard screening. It involves a more rigorous process to ensure employers have a peace of mind that the people they are employing are trustworthy.

Our team have extensive knowledge and experience with BS7858 Screening. They will provide a comprehensive service to ensure appropriate screening is completed while maintaining the quality of the checks.

All our screening and vetting services will be carried out by our dedicated Head Office Team who have an industry leading fast response, turnaround on setup and service delivery. In addition to BS7858 Screening, we can also deliver bespoke screening solution to suit your business requirements.
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