From mobile patrols in Middlesbrough to construction sites across Teesside, Vistech is a national company which is proud of its Teesside heritage

Teesside Security Company. The company started in Teesside and due to the hard work and determination that are part of the character of the area, has gone on to national success. Construction firms in Teesside were among the first to recognise that a high-performing security service could deliver a trouble-free construction site. We work with firms to deliver a wide range of services, including site patrols, 24/7 manned security facilities, and wireless alarms.

On sites where valuable materials are being delivered or picked up, it’s important that both vehicles and people are tracked, and many firms choose to establish a gatehouse for the duration of the build. This can be especially important once the project is nearly finished, and valuable fixtures and fittings are in place. Where there is a particular risk, stop and search on a company’s premises or site may be necessary, and we can provide this. It’s often more acceptable if this is carried out by a third party, since managers and supervisors are often reluctant to carry out this activity.

Theft of vehicles and heavy equipment, including farm equipment, is becoming an increasing problem, in Teesside no less than in other parts of the country. We can help you implement tracking technology which may help you reduce your insurance premiums on plant and vehicles. In the event that a vehicle is taken we can supply detailed information on vehicle movements.

We’re often called upon to provide a rapid response to a particular problem, and we can supply security infrastructure such as emergency lighting and security fencing as required. Hazards are a part of industrial and commercial life, and we’ve been working with our partners in Teesside firms to help drive down accidents and health and safety “near misses”. Our security staff can act as first aid appointed persons, and as the fire safety appointed person in a range of contexts and sectors.

Vistech has its roots in Teesside – but its reach is national and growing all the time. It’s another Teesside success story.