Security builds reassurance in fearful times

Security Guards UK. In comments reported by the BBC, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, mentioned the “sense of fear” created in Britain by recent terrorist attacks abroad. He said that he understood that each fresh outrage, and particularly those in Europe which is so close to us, increased the public’s fearfulness that Britain would be the next country to suffer mindless murder and cruelty. He has also said previously that in terms of the likelihood of an attack, it’s a case of “when, not if”.

In this environment, businesses don’t just need to keep people safe, they also need to be seen to be keeping them safe. Visible and obvious security in the form of SIA licensed security gaurds is an antidote to public fearfulness. Sophisticated surveillance systems that the public cannot see, have their place. But right now, there’s also a need for the reassurance that can only be provided by a uniformed security presence that is highly visible throughout a public space, whether it’s a shopping mall, an entertainment complex, a sports stadium or a restaurant.

And visible security isn’t simply for show. The more security guards there are, the more problematic it becomes for terrorists to operate. Well trained SIA licensed security guards from Vistech Services represent extra pairs of eyes and ears, alert to danger, aware of what to look for, and constantly scanning the environment for threats. Because the threat is ever changing, advice as to what to look for and how to deal with it also changes. Staff from a top-tier security firm will be regularly briefed and updated on how the threat is changing. They’ll also have a full support infrastructure backing them up, which allows them to escalate any concerns rapidly and effectively.

In addition, a professional SIA Approved Contractor which Vistech Services is, will be able to liaise immediately with the police or emergency services. All the way up the command chain, our staff are well trained in handling unusual or challenging situations. Much of what is done to keep the public safe is unseen, taking place in monitoring rooms, and via intelligence. The smartly uniformed security guard is a way of signalling clearly to the public, that their safety is paramount.