Is your building in need of a mobile patrol?

Mobile Security Patrols. Any insurance company will take a very close look at the security of a business before they quote. Certainly, they’ll be interested in the passive physical security in terms of locks, shutters and so on. But the active security arrangements will also be of concern, and none more so than in circumstances that render employees, buildings or stock vulnerable. You may have secured the building, but that doesn’t mean that it’s protected in the following circumstances:

The building is unoccupied
You may be waiting to sell the building, or you may have recently acquired it, and be in the process of fitting it out. If a building is unoccupied, the risk of theft, fire and vandalism all rise sharply. Thieves may break into the building and steal fittings and equipment. Of greater concern is that they may strip the building itself, selling cabling, roofing and any other materials with a value on the second-hand market, mobile security patrols will mitigate this risk.

If a building is known to be empty and never visited, very few people will bother to report suspicious activity around it. If it’s not derelict now, it could soon become so. Most business premises are unoccupied during the night, and some are empty all weekend. The high cost of energy means that all lights are out, flagging up the building’s unoccupied state. Mobile security patrols are a highly visible, liveried vehicle, clearly demonstrates that the building is being actively protected.
It is in a remote location

It’s remarkable how buildings that are off the beaten track become known to thieves. For example, a farm building not in sight of any homes can be targeted because it contains valuable machinery or even animals. You can arrange a mobile patrol for the times at which you know other rural businesses tend to be targeted. It’s a target Schools, places of worship and institutions can be targeted by people who wish to damage or destroy the premises. The high visibility of mobile patrols can bring enormous reassurance to communities, who feel that the security of a building that matters to them is being actively managed.

Our Mobile Patrol, Key Holding and Alarm Response Package includes:

  • Regular Day, Night and Weekend Patrols as Often as Required
  • Liveried Vehicles
  • Security and Safety Checks of Your Premises
  • Preventative Signage and Stickers
  • Keyholding and Alarm Response
  • Locking and Unlocking
  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Real time proof of patrol
  • Incident reproting
  • Reports can be sent weekly or monthly

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