Invitation to Tender, Deadline for responses: Lot 1 to 6 and 8 12:00h on Thu 15th March 2018 & Lot 7 12:00h on Thu 8th March 2018, Responses to be sent by email to:

Invitation to Tender, Deadline for responses: Lot 1 to 6 and 8 12:00h on Thu 15th March 2018 & Lot 7 12:00h on Thu 8th March 2018, Responses to be sent by email to:

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Invitation to Tender

Deadline for responses: Lot 1 to 6 and 8 12:00h on Thu 15th March 2018 & Lot 7 12:00h on Thu 8th March 2018, Responses to be sent by email to:

Responses to be sent by email to:








  1. Introduction

Vistech Services are a private limited company that provide security and security training services.  Our service lines include

  • CCTV systems
  • Video verification systems
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Manned Guarding services
  • Key Holding
  • Emergency response


Lot Number Title Overview
Lot 1 Consultancy and supply chain Diversification of sales sectors. Submission by Thu 15th March
Lot 2 Tenders and Bid Support To ensure essential bid writing skill knowledge is transferred to internal staff. Submission by Thu 15th March
Lot 3 Business Change Management Diversification of services offered and to what sectors. Submission by Thu 15th March
Lot 4 Training Train the trainer. Submission by Thu 15th March
Lot 5 Marketing Writing a 5 year marketing plan to ensure business growth. Submission by Thu 15th March
Lot 6 Re-brand  Corporate rebrand. Submission by Thu 15th March
Lot 7 Diversification – New Markets Provide technology based system to. Submission by Thu 8th March
Lot 8 Interim FD Project Provide financial modelling. Submission by Thu 15th March

The lots advertised our to assist Vistech to grow it’s market share and therefore the local economy.



  1. Background and Requirements


Lot 1 – Consultancy and supply chain, 18 months


We are looking for a consultant to assist Vistech’s internal procurement team with developing the relevant strategies and policies to enable them to grow their supply chain.  The winning bidder must have a proven track record of providing cost savings and a” secure” supply chain.  The winner bidder will be expected to show opportunities within the construction sector.



Lot 2 Tenders and Bid Support,  12 months,


The winning bidder must be able to teach internal staff how and where to seek bid opportunities and ensure knowledge around understanding the Tender process and wording.  As well help Vistech develop template responses that will be capable of being used on numerous bids moving forward.


Lot 3 – Business Change Management, 18 months


Lot 4 – Training Academy, 12 months


To establish an in-house training academy to provide CPD for all staff member.  The winner bidder must be able to train the trainer.  Assist in becoming a recognised training centre, Develop course material.


Lot 5 Marketing, 12 months

Provide consultancy and advice on creating a marketing plan, transferring their knowledge to allow our own sales and business development team to continue to write and expand on our own marketing plan. Included will be topics such as target market, publicity, digital marketing and promotional activities


Lot 6 Branding, 12 months


Help with the engagement and inclusive brand design process. Three stage process defines empowering vision and mission, captures authentic values, identifies unique and defendable point of difference and builds clear key messages around a proposition that you can own. This powerful new brand story informs your brand character and feeds the creation of your identity, unique creative style and supporting brand toolkit.


Lot 7 – Diversification new markets, 12  months

Provide technology based solution to be fitted in to mobile vehicles to enable Vistech to offer a mobile/shared CCTV services for new customers in new markets.


Lot 8 – Interim FD Project, 12  months

Engage with a suitable organisation to deliver finance modelling to facilitiate our growth strategy within the construction industry.

  1. Instructions for responding to this ITT


Tender Submission


Vistech Services invites prospective applicants to respond to this invitation by sending a clear and concise tender set out in sections as described below. Please follow all instructions carefully as any submissions which are incomplete or do not comply with all requirements may be rejected.


For example, this could include the following and would be tailored to the tender requirements:


  • Ability to meet the requirements of the contract
  • Proposed approach & methodology including quality
  • Pricing schedule / cost breakdown
  • Innovation / added value
  • Appendices (relevant information only)


Responses are to be submitted to no later than Lot 1 to 6 and 8 12:00h on Thu 15th March 2018 & Lot 7 12:00h on Thu 8th March 2018, Responses to be sent by email to: received after this deadline will not be evaluated.   


Vistech Services will not reimburse any costs incurred by tenderers in connection with the preparation and submission of their responses to this tender, and reserves the right to reject tenders which are not submitted in accordance with the instructions given in the tender documentation.


Vistech Services reserves the right to cancel the tender process at any point. Vistech Services is neither liable for any costs resulting from cancellation of this process nor for any costs incurred by any person or organisation taking part in the tender process.


IMPORTANT. Vistech Services requires its suppliers to meet certain criteria, for example regarding insurance (and other criteria could be specified). Tenderers should therefore sign and return the Supplier Declaration in Section 6 of this document and include copies of current insurance certificates / schedules.


The Certification against Collusive Tendering and Canvassing (section 7) should also be signed and returned.


Successful applicants will be invited to agree and sign a standard contract with Vistech Services. A copy of our standard agreement is attached in Appendix 1.




  1. Procurement Process Timetable


The key outputs and milestones below provide a framework that the successful bidder will be expected to follow. (ensure a reasonable period to allow submission)


Key dates Project Deadline
ITT advertised
Expression of interest deadline
ITT documentation issued
Clarification questions to be submitted by
Clarification responses sent to all bidders
Tender return date and time Include time eg    1700h
Evaluation completed
Notification of results
Contract awarded


Clarification questions will be grouped together and any relevant clarifications made during the Tender process will be communicated to all bidders involved in the process along with (where appropriate) the nature of the enquiry. Please note that Vistech Services has no obligation to answer questions posed.


Tenders received after the deadline will be rejected unless there are exceptional circumstances. In such a case, consideration of that Tender will be at the sole discretion of Vistech Services.

  1. Evaluation/ selection criteria

Outline the evaluation criteria and the weighting given to each.


Vistech Services will evaluate all correctly submitted and eligible tenders with a view to selecting the most economically advantegeous.


For example:

Tender submissions will be evaluated against the criteria below:

  • Ability to meet the requirements (inc resource) 30%
  • Proposed approach to performing and managing the Contract – 20%
  • Pricing 30%
  • Innovation 20%


You can give more detail on how each of these will work, and if you break it down further, then outline what the sub-weightings are too. For example, a category worth 30% may have 2 or 3 sub-categories within it, worth 15, 10 and 5.


If you intend to shortlist, then outline the details.


For example, Vistech Services intends to shortlist from initial tenders received based and those parties will be asked to present their tender to the evaluation panel with further clarification sought where deemed necessary. Short listing will be based on those scoring the highest against the above evaluation criteria.


  1. Supplier Declaration


I declare that to the best of my knowledge the answers submitted in the tender response are correct. I understand that the information will be used in the process to assess my organisation’s suitability to deliver services outlined in Section 2 of the ITT to Vistech Services.  I understand that Vistech Services may reject this tender submission if there is a failure to answer all relevant questions fully or if I provide false/misleading information.


Contact number:


Professional Indemnity Insurance (please provide details of insurer and level of cover)
Public Liability Insurance (please provide details of insurer and level of cover)
Employers Liability Insurance (please provide details of insurer and level of cover).




You may also wish to ask about eg financial information of the organisation, data protection, quality assurance, health & safety, environmental management, equality and diversity policy, references.
Signature: (for electronic submissions, please type name or provide an e-signature)  


  1. Certification against Collusive Tendering and Canvassing


Dear Sir/Madam,


Tender for: Vistech Services


To enable authenticity, transparency and competitive tenders, it is Vistech Services policy that all received tenders must be made within competition rules and regulations.


In recognition of this, I/we certify that this is a bona fide Tender; intended to be competitive and that we have not fixed nor adjusted the amount of the tender as a result of any agreement or arrangement with any other person or company.


I/We further certify that we have not done and we undertake that we will not do any of the following acts:


  1. Communicate with a person, other than the person calling for this Tender, the amount or approximate amount of the proposed Tender.
  2. Enter into any agreement or arrangement with any other person that he or she shall refrain from Tendering or as to the amount of any Tender to be submitted.
  3. Offer to pay, give or agree to pay or give any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or having done or causing or having caused to have done in relation to any other Tender or proposed Tender for the requirement any act of the sort described above.
  4. Canvass any person, or affiliated persons of Vistech Services with regards to the enclosed tender and subsequent evaluation process or award.


In this certification, the word ‘person’ includes any person and or body or association, corporate or otherwise. The words ‘agreement or arrangement’ include any such transaction, formal or informal, whether legally binding or not.



Signed: _______________________                        Date: ______________



Name: ________________________                       Position: _________________________



Authorised to sign on and behalf of: _______________________________________


Appendix 1


Standard contract terms and conditions


Include a copy of the contract that will be required to be signed if successful, as well as any details about invoicing and payment.