Gatehouse security - more essential than ever

Gatehouse Security. With increased threats to ordinary people and “soft” targets, gatehouse security is being seen by businesses as a key control and safety measure.
Gatehouse staff can carry out ID checks on both people and vehicles, and can be vigilant for specific threats or attempts to enter without authorisation.

Controlling access is key in many businesses because it ensures that only authorised people can enter the premises or controlled area. This enables employees to work within the area safely, and the sense of security that it brings can help create a more relaxed working environment. Sometimes gatekeeping staff are simply helping to keep the business running efficiently. They can keep out motorists who would like to use your office car park while they go to the supermarket, or they can direct deliveries to the correct place. They can ensure that vehicle movements don’t endanger people, and that commercial vehicles that should not be on site are excluded.

But of course, they’re also the first contact that many visitors, customers and suppliers will have with your organisation. In this front of house role, it’s essential that they’re smart, professional and well trained. They need to be able to combine a welcoming manner with a touch of firmness when circumstances require it. Gatekeepers are the first port of call for visitors who don’t know where to go, and if they are combining some reception duties with their role, they’re also the first point at which your business policies are implemented. They check people in, so that in the event of a fire, you know if anyone is unaccounted for. They often combine this with providing standard health and safety or fire escape advice, thus discharging a key “duty of care” responsibility for the business.

Gatekeeping is becoming more and more common because of the control it gives businesses. As a result, many different kinds of enterprise now use gatekeepers. We are able to supply highly trained, enterprising individuals who are alert to danger, meticulous about detail, but able to give your staff and visitors a professional and welcoming first impression.