Evolving Technology in Line with Changing Security Requirements

As security threats in the industry are constantly evolving, we must always stay one step ahead. At Vistech we are always forward thinking, introducing new technologies and investing in training and upskilling of our workforce.

Most recently, we have helped customers whose sites have remained open during the Coronavirus pandemic. Protecting staff and reducing the risk of the virus spreading, using innovative technology to detect raised temperatures for anyone entering a premise. Businesses across the country have been turning to Vistech Services to help plan a safe working environment.

Our security personnel have an array of technology available to them, including Biometric scanners, facial recognition software, thermal imaging and much more. They are fully equipped to provide a first-class security service.

As one of the main symptoms of viruses, including the coronavirus, is a fever thermal technology is one of the simplest and most effective ways of detecting a high temperature. There are also technologies available to detect if people are wearing face masks and to count the number of people coming in and out of a building for businesses that need to track the volume of people on site to adhere to social distancing rules.

Thermal cameras are an excellent tool available to businesses as they accurately monitor the temperature of people who enter a designated area, this could be a reception area, access area to an office block or the entrance to a shop. However, one of the key principles in security is situation awareness, you must have someone trained to analyse the data and act appropriately.

Today, restricting the access to your premises is more important than ever, most businesses will use a type of biometric technology to monitor their employee and visitor access. However, access technology is constantly evolving the most recent technology to hit the industry is facial recognition access control systems. It is now even possible for a system to take a 3D scan of the entire head, so that an individual can be recognised even if they don’t look straight at the camera.

Even though the technologies that are developed will change the security industry as we know it the human factor remains crucial when designing an integrated security programme. Our team conduct a very detailed risk analysis before developing a bespoke security solution designed around your individual needs.

For more information on ensuring your business is a safe and secure environment for both your employees and customers contact our team today.