Alarm Response Service | SIA Approved Contractor

Alarm Response Service. When the alarm on your business premises goes off, everyone knows about it – which after all is what you bought it for. Having an SIA approved alarm response service from Vistech Services ensures your premises are responded to and protected.

There is now significant legislation with a bearing on your business responsibilities in this area, and the overriding message is that alarm response has ceased to be a “do-it-yourself” job. The risks are simply too high. For your own peace of mind it would be wise to think about handing it over to a professional security firm with the ability to take care of any alarm response service.

Duty of care
You are required to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff. Sending an employee to investigate the alarm when there may be one or more intruders in the building is no longer acceptable practice.

Statutory nuisance – Council action

If you’re on holiday and the arrangements you’ve made for responding to an alarm fail, you could find yourself facing serious problems with the Council. An alarm that rings all night and keeps people awake will most certainly come to their attention. You have a legal duty to ensure this doesn’t happen. Once the council has decided that the alarm is causing a statutory nuisance, they’ll serve a notice with a short deadline, ordering it to be dealt with. A magistrate will then be asked to issue an emergency warrant to enter the premises, and a locksmith and electrician will be called to enter and disable the alarm.

Insurance problems and charges
Although the premises will be left secure, your business insurance will almost certainly not be valid at this point. The alarm will not be working, and your premises will have been entered without your knowledge. Failure to respond to an alarm will negatively affect perceptions of your business. Then there’s the matter of the costs, which will include the Council’s time and are likely to be significant.

We can help you pre-empt any and all of these problems by providing a 24/7/365 alarm response service.