Vistech’s guide to keeping your business secure this festive season

The festive period is well-known for crime and this year, even though the country is facing an ongoing pandemic, it is expected to be no different. The good news is that there are many steps you can take to protect your business and employees.
At Vistech Services we understand the importance of protecting your business over the festive period. After the challenge’s businesses have faced this year, protecting your premises and assets has never been more important.
By following our guide to protecting your businesses, you will have the most up to date information available to ensure your business is protected and secure this Christmas.

Secure Premises & Staff from Harm
Ensure you carry out a thorough and physical check that all windows and doors are locked.
Remove any items or waste that could be used to force entry. Don’t make it easy for criminals, make sure you clear any wate stored outside your premises that could be used to cause damage or force entry.
All employee valuables should be kept in lockers or in a safe and these should not be visible from the outside.
Ensure all shutter and grilles are closed and locked, if you don’t have this additional layer of security you might want to consider investing in them.

Check Alarm Systems Work Correctly
Alarm systems are your first line of defence against criminals. Therefore, it is important that you check your alarm system is installed correctly and working properly.
Ensure you have a current Alarm Response service in place. An Alarm Response service is triggered when your alarm is activated by a potential intruder a trained SIA Licensed Security Officer will attend the site to check for intruders. The Alarm Response service protects you and your employees from unnecessary danger.

Increase Online Security
It’s important that you and your staff change your passwords regularly on all electronic devices, as even if you haven’t shown passwords to anyone else hackers can still access them discreetly.
Also ensure your employees are up to date and aware of the dangers around opening emails from unknown senders and how they should never click URL links within these emails.

Install CCTV Cameras
Installing CCTV will help trace criminals who run away from the scene of a crime, CCTV cameras also act a deterrent to warn off anyone thinking of causing damage to your property or attacking your employees.
Consider investing in additional business security there are many options available to suit all budgets. Hiring Security Guards for your business will discourage crime from occurring in your property. Mobile patrols can be deployed to survey areas which need to be monitored any time of the day or night.
Often there can be devastating consequences for not preparing your business properly against criminals. So, ensure you, your employees and your business stay safe and are protected this festive season.