Lone Worker Protection

In a world where employees face increasing risks and safety issues at work, Vistech Services is able to supply a wide range of technology options to help companies protect their people and employees. Our security advisors will generate a risk profile for your staff and then advise you on the relevant modular option that fulfils your requirements. All our lone worker protection options are supported by our 24/7 Control Centre.

Our lone worker systems are used by:

  • Housing associations
  • Security and cleaning staff
  • Councils and other local authorities
  • National government organisations
  • Charities
  • Social care organisations
  • Private companies

Our smartphone application maximises the potential of such phones to provide the user with constant protection in the workplace. By downloading our application, your phone becomes a panic device with a countdown timer and GPS tracking. Should your timer expire, an alert is immediately transmitted to our monitoring station with your latest position.

We also offer customers the option of making hourly check calls through our rostering software at defined intervals. These calls indicate to our automated system that all is well and are ideal for employees who work a fixed shift roster with clearly defined timings.

All of our lone worker products are supported by our Control Centre, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of a personal alarm activation, an instant alert is raised and our control room operators will follow a pre-agreed escalation procedure. This could be a safety notification call to a manager or colleague, a call to the Emergency Services, or a mobile security response provided by Vistech Services or one of our approved contractors across the UK.

Our process is simple, we will carry out a full risk assessment for each of your businesses job roles, before suggesting a lone worker protection solution, which fulfils all of your requirements, at the right price. Alongside supplying the lone worker protection hardware, Vistech also train your employees in how to handle themselves in risky situations.  

All of our lone worker systems are fully supported by a 24 hour, 365 days a year manned control room. The lone worker protection solution has been so effective, that we have now introduced it to vulnerable members of the community.
To learn more about our lone worker protection options, just get in touch.