Construction Cameras Teesside


Here at Vistech Services we provide security cameras for the construction sector, supplying companies throughout Teesside. With almost a decade of experience to our name we are well educated when it comes to security cameras and this high level of expertise helps to keep the sites we work with safe.


We work throughout the UK helping to protect many sites but we feel an affinity for the Teesside area. Teesside was the original locale where we provided our variety of security solutions such as our construction site cameras and it became the platform from which we grew to a national level allowing us to help make the rest of the UK safer with our services.


What Site Security Solutions Do Vistech Offer?

  • Advanced rapid deployment mobile CCTV solutions including towers
  • Fixed CCTV design, installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Intruder alarm system, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring using our smart wireless camera range
  • Free-standing, mobile wireless camera towers
  • Advanced video cameras for site-wide use
  • Access control including biometric systems, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Radio metric and thermal imaging cameras (heat detection)


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How Our Construction Site Cameras Are Protecting Sites Across Teesside


The health and safety of everyone is one of the most vital things in any industry. But in the construction industry extra care is needed to ensure that the health and safety of everyone from employers and employees to visitors and external contractors is maintained. Accidents can happen at any time to anyone and on a construction site the risk is higher, especially if the site is not properly monitored.


We work throughout Teesside providing cameras to construction sites so that all activities can be carefully monitored. This can help you react more quickly if an accident does occur, but it also helps to spot potential accidents allowing you to take preventative action.

Whether to be used on temporary construction sites or more permanent ones, our security cameras can fit the bill and provide the best safety possible. As we know, safety is central to any construction site functioning the way it should and ensuring all the workers being well-looked after. This is not done just to meet industry guidelines but also to make the workplace feel safer for all employees – no one should feel at risk when coming to work.


Furthermore, criminals can be stopped with these advanced security options. CCTV is a proven deterrent for burglars, vandals and other criminals but should they ignore or fail to see your cameras their suspicious or destructive behaviour can be recorded. With diverse options to choose from, we can make sure your premises are well-protected at all times. This limits the chance of something going wrong on the property and gives you the footage you may require in the aftermath of an incident.


Are Our Security Cameras Suitable For Your Construction Site?


We work on all kinds of construction sites around Teesside from small temporary sites to larger, more long-term ones. We offer bespoke construction site security solutions designed specifically for the individual site and take into consideration all of its nuances.


Our security cameras can be secured in a variety of positions to be trained on any areas that may be required for extra security. They work well in both well-lit and darker areas and always provide an excellent quality image so that safety is never compromised. Being able to monitor areas effectively is what makes security cameras on construction sites such a promising idea. We have an experienced team of installers that will ensure the CCTV cameras are fitted correctly, as they have done countless times before on sites across Teesside.


Why Choose Vistech?

At Vistech Services we are dedicated to providing an amazing customer experience and do not make promises we cannot keep, particularly where safety is concerned. We strive to make sure all our clients are happy with the security equipment we supply so the workplace is a more pleasant place to be. Our innovatively designed products can be fitted at the employer’s convenience and we tailor the entire process and service to your specific needs. With a high customer retention rate, our client satisfaction is something we are hugely proud and appreciative of.


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