Construction Cameras Middlesbrough


Middlesbrough is an ever-evolving town and as such is regularly home to various construction sites. And it is vital that these sites are monitored with the best security cameras available, for the safety of the employees as well as for protection against criminal activities such as burglary and vandalism. Here are Vistech Solutions, we offer a wide range of construction site security including CCTV cameras.


Our Construction Site Security Solutions include:

  • Access control including biometric systems, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Advanced rapid deployment mobile CCTV solutions including towers
  • Advanced video cameras for site-wide use
  • Fixed CCTV design, installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Free-standing, mobile wireless camera towers
  • Intruder alarm system, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring using our smart wireless camera range
  • Radio metric and thermal imaging cameras (heat detection)


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If someone is to see a security camera on a construction site, they automatically feel safer knowing that footage is being recorded if anything were to go wrong. Footage collected from CCTV cameras is valuable as it can be used as evidence for happenings on a construction site and if anything was to go unfortunately wrong. This level of safety that security cameras can bring is priceless as the way workers feel is integral to how productive the construction site can be. Monitoring cameras allows you to spot potential accidents and weaknesses in site safety before an incident arises as wel as review accidents methodically should one occur. Many construction sites in Middlesbrough are reaping the rewards of working with Vistech Services and using our construction site CCTV and you could too.


We stock cameras that offer multi-surveillance and that can even be monitored from a distance to ensure the best safety standards and help against crime on your site. Construction sites are susceptible to crimes like vandalism and here at Vistech we take the prevention of such crimes very seriously. The key to be prepared as possible by recording places that may possibly be targeted. Though you may not believe it, construction sites can often be targeted for crime and so, by having CCTV cameras, the chance of vandalism occurring is greatly reduced as cameras are an effective deterrent. In the case that the culprit(s) go ahead with their criminal activity high quality footage of the incident could be exactly what is needed to bring them to justice.


Reliability is something that we pride ourselves on, and the CCTV options we offer at Vistech Solutions are as reliable as they come so construction sites are safe, and workers feel comfortable. Middlesbrough construction sites need to be protected as much as any other site and by choosing Vistech Solutions, you are investing in the safety of your construction site and the welfare of your workers.


High in quality, what we offer is perfect for ensuring maximum security on construction and demolition sites. Any site, with the right surveillance equipment installed, can be monitored at all hours of the day which adds an extra layer of security, even when no one is present on the site. Our cameras can be monitored remotely which makes them easier to manage and even a security novice wouldn’t have any trouble with it. We are very interested in all the local areas we work with and want everyone who comes into contact with our security options to have hassle-free experiences. With only the best devices, your construction site safety has never been in better hands than Vistech Solutions.