Construction Cameras Darlington


We offer the latest in digital CCTV technology so that construction sites in Darlington can be monitored at all times of the day to help ensure that health and safety standards are met. In all industries, there is a certain level of risk involved but, for those who work in construction, there is more of a risk than some other jobs. Why take the risk of not having CCTV when you can have fully monitored CCTV systems around the clock? This helps to implement good health and safety regulations as areas can be monitored and workers can be well protected. Security cameras are highly useful invention and since they came about in the late 1970s, they have proven to be a worthwhile investment for a variety of roles including deterring would be vandals and burglars and monitoring your work environment and employees’ safety.


Our Construction Site Security Solutions include:

  • Access control including biometric systems, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Advanced rapid deployment mobile CCTV solutions including towers
  • Advanced video cameras for site-wide use
  • Fixed CCTV design, installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Free-standing, mobile wireless camera towers
  • Intruder alarm system, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring using our smart wireless camera range
  • Radio metric and thermal imaging cameras (heat detection)


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With some of the best detection systems available, Vistech Services are making construction sites in Darlington safer than they have ever been. We specialise in security and facilities management and so can offer advice on the best CCTV options for your construction site. We understand that each site is different, and we take into consideration the individual security needs of each premises we work on when offering advice on your security options.


Security cameras are extremely easy to work with so health and safety can be hassle-free, no matter where they are placed as construction sites across Darlington are discovering with the help of us here at Vistech services.  Our security options are providing Darlington based construction sites with two main benefits, improved site monitoring for better health and safety, and acting as a deterrent for anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. In the event that the cameras go unnoticed by or do not deter criminals then their footage often provides companies with the footage needed to bring the vandals or burglars to justice.


Having good CCTV footage available all the time will also help with asset protection on construction sites as they can be monitored whenever necessary. These specialist cameras can be placed in a variety of onsite locations and monitor all aspects of a construction site. We work with you to understand your site and use the cameras to full and advantage so that you receive the highest level of security. All our construction site cameras are exquisitely made, and we offer a wide range of security camera options, so you can find the best solution that works for you.