Car Park Management

Vistech is an approved operator through the British Parking Association (BPA). We provide a comprehensive range of car park management solutions to suit your requirements and have substantial knowledge in providing car park control and enforcement services in a professional and sensitive manner.

Car Park Management Services

Car Park Management

Vistech’s bespoke approach gives our clients complete confidence in the dependability of our services. Our car park management solutions empowers businesses, landowners, and proprietors to create functional car parks that benefit them.

We do this in several ways by:

• Providing innovative car parking technology to control and measure car parking activities.
• Streamlining car park management through a blend of automation and manned stations.
• Improving on-site operations to boost efficiency and capacity.
• Creating bespoke car park assessments and dynamic proposals.
• Fencing, perimeter control and boundary demarcation.

Car Park Enforcement

Vistech provide car parking enforcement services to all kinds of businesses, from corporate and commercial industries to residential and private lands. We consider parking control from an economical and quality perspective to guarantee an all-around efficient service.

Some other enforcement options we provide include:

• Manual control
• Physical permit parking systems
• ANPR Systems
• e-Permit parking systems
• Vacant space letting
• Telephone services for residential parking
• Legal representation in court

Car Park Technologies

Vistech utilises the latest car parking technologies to deliver you the best enforcement solutions.
These technologies include innovative ANPR systems and solar powered camera and terminal solutions.

Our focus on implementing the latest technology into our car park management services allows us to provide industry leading analytics and provide a cost-effective solution whilst being committed to environmental sustainability.

• Solar powered parking management for sites with no power
• ANPR camera systems providing real-time onsite data
• Whitelist exclusion systems which exclude vehicles from the enforcement function.
• Tablet terminals that are customer-facing allowing them to temporarily exclude their vehicle when required.

Car Park Security

Because of the worries of crime, anti-social behaviour and other issues, we work with many car park owners deploying our car park security.
We provide:

• Security Guards and CCTV Operatives
• Manual in person issuing of Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and enforcement by our licensed
• Mobile Patrols including opens, locks and inspections
• CCTV Systems and Monitoring
• ANRP (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
• Access Control

All our clients can rest assured that their car park management services are being provided by a professional accredited company. Whether your car park is large, small, or somewhere in-between, our personal and professional approach means that you will be advised by our experienced management team with practical solutions for your car park. Vistech’s services are tailor-made to the needs of each client, the car park, and the users of the space.

In addition to providing car park management solutions, we are industry leaders in security and facilities management services. At Vistech Security Services we offer bespoke security packages catered to fit your specific needs, we can provide a range of security services from SIA licenced security personnel to innovate access control systems and security fencing solutions.

If you would like to know more about our car park management solutions you can contact our specialist team by sending us an email to or call us on 0800 6123 280 to get a free no obligation quote. Alternatively, you can arrange a free site visit and see how we can help you with your car park management requirements.