Contract Process


All of our contracts managers are thoroughly trained to carry out:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Site Surveying
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Performance Management

Assignment Survey

The Assignment Survey will identify the unique requirements, including Health and Safety issues of each client.

Assignment Instructions

This is to clearly define the precise requirements of the assignment. Controlled copies of assignment instructions are maintained on-site with the security officers, the client representative and in our 24 hour control room. This document is amended as a result of service improvements and added value generated by all parties involved.

Customer Liaison

This document is an invaluable management and operations tool for continuous improvement, allowing thorough review of all activity on-site at performance Review Meetings and providing the opportunity to monitor trends and anticipate queries or concern.

Routine Site Quality Audits

Assignment Audits are undertaken by a Manager or Supervisor during which security officers are assessed and graded on various aspects of performance and suitability. Quality and Awareness Audits are designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of quality throughout our organisation but particularly for site based employees. The whole process is linked to continuous improvement with a view to identifying areas of improvement and added value.

Formal Documented Performance Review

Formal documented Performance Review Meetings are arranged at intervals agreed by the client and the Contract Manager. Any aspect of the service can be analysed, amended and wherever possible improvements will be made.

Two-Weekly Telephone Liaison

All clients will receive documented two weekly client liaison call made by our impartial Customer Care Manager.

Reports Generated

All Senior Management are centralised at our head office ensuring all reports indicating possible service deficiency or customer dissatisfaction are dealt with on the day the report is generated and that customers are kept appraised of any investigation.

No Dilution

Reports generated by regional teams are dealt with centrally by senior Management, allowing no dilution of responsibility.